Phone background- texts

Hi! I need phone background with text messages and receive texts. Is it possible? Could someone help me out?


There’s a cool feature built in now, too-- if you use a phone overlay for the phone, you can use these lines of code to make it look like texting:

set format phonetext

[Enter character names and what they say like normal]

set format cinematic

When you set it back to cinematic, it breaks out of using the texting format. For more info, here’s an existing thread on this feature:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Does this only work for Spotlight stories?

I’ve already used it in my limelight story! I think it should work for all styles :slight_smile: Let me know how it goes for you

Thank you for sharing

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If you still need one pm me

Do you upload it as multiple backgrounds?


Ok, thanks