Phone backround

Hi! I was just wondering if anyone could help me find a phone background for my story. I’m not looking for anything bold just a simple phone background. Or if anyone knows how to get the text’s to move up when something else is said. I know it does that for you but I am having trouble getting it to line up with the background I have. So please let me know if anyone has any ideas. Thank you!

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Something like that you want

No I mean something like this

But bigger beacsue when I use it the words don’t fit on the page, and when I went to make my own it didn’t let me.

Ok you have any refences

No not really sorry. Anything that has a black outline and white in the middle is fine. And a solid color in the back.

Here if you use credit me Instagram _.s.u.n.n.i.i.epi


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Thanks you! As long as it let’s me make it a backround then sure I will credit you! Thank you again.

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