Phone call background! (please help kinda urgent)

Hey so i really need a background where it reads
“Bestie :kissing_heart: is calling”
then have a picture of

this character here

in this background
i would like the character to be wearing the same clothes and doing the same animation as in the picture above.
if you could make it the style below i would be really grateful
Please dm if you want more information
thank you in advance


I can try. I’ll inform you if I can’t do it

thank you… if you can’t. could you just change the name of the picture where it says ‘office’ to Bestie :kissing_heart: xo

I’ll try


I couldn’t do the exact background. But here!


Hope this is ok

ahhh i actually love it!
what do i credit you as?

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Allie_Episode is fine

okay <3