Phone call scene help

I have a split phone call scene and i have the coding but when I preview it, the background doesn’t pop up in my script. can anyone help? thanks! :smiling_face:

Could you share a ss of your script?

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yea sure

Did you by any chance use the create command for the overlay?

someone I met coded it for me so im not sure

Did you create the overlay in the middle of a scene?

Oh, okay. Can you share a ss of higher up in your script? Create commands need an opacity command to make overlays visible.

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so do i take a ss from the beginning of my script?

Just the beginning of your scene. (: Hopefully anyways baha.

that’s the beginning of my split phone call scene

The beginning of that background scene?


where it says “Amelia (text_phone_neutral_loop) i need to call don winslo”

That’s where the phone call scene starts

What we mean is scenes as far as the script/code is concerned. “Scenes” are typically separated by the portal using backgrounds.


#First scene here.


#Second scene here.

I hope that makes sense. But you could search to see if you have the create command there using ctrl + f and typing:


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on line 368, was that the first time you coded in the overlay, since I do not see a create command, or do you have it next to the background?

@Marysol.Episode @schittwriter

This is my whole script

Ah, okay. There doesn’t appear to be any create command nor was the it added to the background.

I would try adding:
@overlay BACKGROUNDFORPHONECALL opacity 1 in 0

Before the rest of the overlay commands. If it doesn’t work than the x y coordinates (in the shifting commands) themselves may be incorrect.

Yeah, you never added the overlay to your script, try to do what @schittwriter said above!

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to which part of the script