Phone messages, how?


Still can’t figure out how to make a scene where the charecter is holding a phone and we can see a message there. Someone advised to use “fake iPhone messages”, but such overlay is never approved due to reference to corporation mark. Please, could you tell me how you do it?


You can go to the overlay section of Episode and scroll down until you find an overlay with a hand holding a phone. If you want to make it as a background, then save it in your laptop/phone and upload it as your own background. It’s the right size, so don’t worry. BUT, if you want something to appear on the phone, then I would advise you to go to an artist :slight_smile:


If you want message overlay you have to make them with the text that you want in it!


I use the fake Iphone message that you are talking about.
I had to amend mine to not include these >

  • IMessage
  • Bluetooth

Mine look like this now and are 100% ok as it says Text Message at the bottom, no bluetooth symbol and have no trademark references. >