Phone Overlay Help Needed

Can someone create me overlays like this:

But with these background:


Also I would like this background but instead of the cut being diagonal it would be horizontal:

For the closet background I would like zone 3. For the bedroom background zone 2. And for the last one zone 1.

Also credit will be given

I can do half and half but I can’t do diagonal (:

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Okay can you do half plz??

Yep, I’ll do it now (:

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How’s this?

Umm i wanted more of like a phone call background like the example on top with the boarders. If you can’t do that it’s fine?

That’s the diagonal, I’m unable to do that


You’ll struggle to fit 3 backgrounds into a diagonal since it may strange (:

I hope this is what you want! :sneezing_face::heartbeat:

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I tried. Also the bedroom Background came out blurry if you have the full background I can make it less blurry.:two_hearts:

I hope this helps💕

Hey it’s exactly what I’m looking for but can you separate them so I can upload them as separate overlay

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And for bedroom background is this better:

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Thanks for helping but I’m going to use someone else

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Here are the backgrounds :two_hearts:


Overlays style 1

Overlays style 2

I hope this helps💕 and don’t hesitate to tell me if you need anything changed💕

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Ty so much

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No problem glad I could help💕

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@Sydney_H close thread plz

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: