Phone overlay screen

I need this…

Where’s written Mãe and the “M” I need to be: L and Lucas.
The X part I need to be a plain white background.
And where’s written “Nextel” I need to be another random name or nothing. You can decide.

Also I need overlay for the upper part with the battery, name of the person you’re sending the messages and everything. Cause I want it to be realistic, as the message goes up. Kinda of disappears on the screen.

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I’ll do it :grin::grin:

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Thank you very much!!!

Can you send the image without any marks?

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On the background, what time do you want it to be?

Here’s what I came up with u might have to resize them though :upside_down_face:

Sorry if I took too long to reply, and I want it to be 6pm.