Phone ring tone sound not working (limelight)

Hi! So I’m writing a story and I’m trying to get my character (Esmeralda) to sleep, hear her ringtone, and then wake up. I have something written down from that but episode says it doesn’t support the property or method. Can someone help? This is what I have on my script:


@ESMERALDA changes hair into Long Straight Loose Solid

@ESMERALDA changes mouthColor into Pink Warm Gloss

@ESMERALDA changes into ESMERALDA_sleepwear

&ESMERALDA spot 0.866 396 382 AND ESMERALDA faces left AND ESMERALDA is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop

sound phone_ring

@pause for 3

@ESMERALDA is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_awaken

When you delete the sound there is no error?

I have tested in my portal and I do not see a problem.
so eather the problem is elswhere in the script or it might be problem of the browiser - try to open it in chrome I know some browisers have problem with sounds (dont remember which one)

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I opened it on a different browser and it still didn’t work. I’ll try and investigate more but thank you for trying to help <3

Maybe you have to write ticket to support?

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