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Hi Guys!

Need a bit of help with coding text messages. So I want the text messages to show on screen while the character is reading their phone. I made an OL for text messages but they kind of disappear so I have to play with OL opacity and time. Is their anyway where the reader tap the screen and the next message shows up and the previous message goes up and so on rather than needing to set a OL opacity and time?

I hope this makes sense? :thinking:

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This could help

Hey thanks for sharing, however, I don’t think it’s a tappable overlay. Its more like the reader could tap anywhere on the screen and the next message would show.

It’s still a tappable. It just has to be big enough to cover thr screen. You can upload this as an overlay and make it tappable so when yoj tap anywhere on the screen it does whatever you want to happen.

Ohh… but if I have multiple texts that I want to show in a similar way then won’t it become very cluttered?

Huh? What do you mean

I meant that the text is small like “Hi” that I want to show on the screen like in a bar rather on the phone. If I create it as a tappable overlay and I stretch it out then I have to do the same for other text messages that I want to show in a similar way. For eg;

Text: “Hi”
Response: “Hi”
Text: “How are you?”
Response " I am good"

I want to create a chain of responses. If I stretch all out then wont it get cluttered?

I didn’t say you should stretch your overlay. I said you could upload the image I sent and that would act as the tappable

Sorry, I can’t see any image. It shows black to me for some reason.

It’s a transparent background. That is the point

Ohh… I see. So the reader could see the background character and at the same time when the text shows up they could tap as well.


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Cool, Thanks! I will try it out. :smiley:

In case you’re still looking for a solution, you can try this. It’s very easy :slight_smile:


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