Phone Text sequence Help

Hello Everyone.

I need help with a phone text sequence that I am creating. I know how to lay down the basic sequence but I want to bring some few different changes in it. I’ll tell you how I want to write It down so you can understand what I am trying to accomplish.

MC is lying in bed asleep.
Text sound comes in and MC is like surprised.
MC gets up from the bed and wonders who could be texting.
MC brings up the phone and checks it.
Phone text screen appears where the guy whom she met today texts her a Hi.
He also says remember I am the guy whom she talked to today.
Then the screen returns to normal as called cinematic, where the MC will think if its the same guy?

Here is the change I want to bring.
I want to take it back to the Phone text screen again but the old messages that I entered as that stranger guy are no longer present on the phone text screen.
I want those old messages to be present so I can put reply messages by the MC.

Here is the sequence Ive made through code.
@EMILY spot 0.968 73 165 AND EMILY is transition_sit_to_stand
@EMILY faces right
EMILY (think_rubchin)
(Did I receive a text?)
@EMILY is idle_phone_neutral_loop

    set format phonetext

    @JOSEPH left
    @EMILY right

    Hi there!
    I am Joseph.
    Remember Josh whom you met today at park.

    set format cinematic
    &cut to zone 3
    &EMILY spot 0.968 73 165 AND EMILY is idle_phone_neutral_loop
    @pause for 2
    @EMILY is think_rubchin
        (Oh, it must be Joseph.)
    @EMILY is text_phone_neutral_loop

set format phonetext

@EMILY right
@JOSEPH left

Hi there!
I am Joseph.
Remember Josh whom you met today at park.

Joseph is it you?

from here those old messages of JOSEPH will not be present and so If I reply as MC it will not look so meaningful.

So how do I keep old messages of jospeh Intact after a brief moment of cinematic screen and the going back to phone text screen again?

How about screenshotting it and turning the convo into a background/overlay? That way you can set format again without having to retype

How do I take screenshot? I use PC.

You can use the snipping tool

after that upload that image and wait for approval and use it as background?

Yep basically like that!

The message bubbles don’t fit correctly in the phone text background I am using.

Any fix for that. And about color of message bubbles there is 1 white and the other blue.
Are there any more colors?

yes but you need to set one of the characters as MC

Wait I’m sending a pic

What other colors are available apart from white and blue? any code line to get any extra color?

I just answered it?

How to set a character as MC

  1. Go to characters.
  2. Scroll down until you see Main Character
  3. Select who and they should appear in blue when texting

Ok I understand. It must make the Main character message bubble blue right?
What if I want message bubble to be red or green or yellow?

And as I said before, the message bubbles are not fitting in the phone text screen properly. how to fix it?

The only way to get different colors other than blue are through overlays. And send me a screenshot of the bubbles and script so I can see why they don’t fit.

The message bubbles are coming like that.

Oh that’s because of the phone background you used! You need to find a bigger one for it to work properly

Yeah they are not fitting. I follow Joseph Evans episode story writing tutorials and he also mentions the default phone text screen is not proper. He talks about using a custom one.

But what other phone text screens are available apart from that one?

Yeah he’s right, you have to use a custom one in order for it to work, you can find ones on his website, google or basically anywhere

Then I have uploaded his custom one. Its waiting for approval. How long will it take?

It takes from a few days to a few weeks, it depends on how busy the episode people are at the moment