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I need some help. I’m trying to have a text messaging thing where you have to tap to get another message like Episode does when your reading a story. How do I do this? I’m gonna use an overlay that I found from EpisodeLife.

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You can do it without an overlay like this-

set format phonetext
Hi! How are you?
Hi… who are you?

And it will look like this-

All you need to do is copy what I’ve sent and change the character into yours :upside_down_face:

I was gonna use this overlay from EpisodeLife.

u can use it. as long as u give credit to owner if required

No need. These are most of the ones that Episode has, so I’m good

ok. :blush:

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But did you get the whole phone texting format? :sweat_smile:

not really, I’m still a little confused

All you need to do is add set format phonetext in the beginning and then write a normal conversation Coding and add set format cinematic in the end

oh ok, thanks!

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No problem
Plus, if you want that the mine character texts will be blue pick your character as the mine character in this box-

Check my thread for various options :slight_smile:

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