Phones suggestions

So I’m going to buy a new phone at the end of april but I don’t know wich one to choose! Do you guys have any suggestions? (no Iphone and not to expencive)


I don’t know many kinds of phones, but I always buy phones that used to be expensive but are relatively old models (new ones got out) so now they’re much cheaper. For instance, Samsung Galaxy s3 when 6 was new, it was still good but hella cheaper.

Samsung s10 :grin:

Wait no iPhones? :pleading_face: well I mean in that case I guess you could get like a Google phone or something

You know the Samsung s8 has the same bench mark as the s7

I have an LG Fiesta Style 2. (I think that’s the name) Android, and it didn’t cost much. Plus the space is great!

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I’ve never had a phone different from iPhone so I can’t help you…

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