Photo art edit for me please!? Anyone!

So I really need a free edit of me in any cool looking backround with my character details in ink and my story name and my name on it and another quote on it saying “Always be strong and happy” And my story name is , Me Then Me Now And Who I Will Become . And the name on it would be Allison Ishak! And I have brown eyes black beach wave hair, olive skin, smooth arch eye brows, celestial nose, round classic brown eyes, and face shape soft heart and lips classic and color is dark. Im gothic. I’d love to wear anything you can make edgy please. Anyone at all please help. And one more thing id there can be a broken heart first then on the other side a full heart!! Thank you if any of you want to and are willing to do that and send it to me. I’ll be forever really grateful! And give you alot of credit and highly appreciate it.! :smile:


I can do edited but drawn is not my strong suit so if you need edited I can help you out but if you need drawn I recommend @Blue01.episode

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