Photo transparent!

Hi, I have an image that has a transparent background! I need the centerpiece transparent also the same (The centerpiece where the image would go!) Could anyone help? Thank you!


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So you need it like a frame? Do you need the shadow, too?

Yeah, I like how it looks! I just need that center black piece gone…

I have done it!

You did it or ?

Just found a way!

How does this look?

Ahhh now! It didnt change,

Let me see if I can try and help


Like this

Oops nevermind

Maybe try a different one? if not, I can cut it out for you, unless you don’t find something else from this site:

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Hiya! Just had a look, and they all are the same issues im having! See where the picture would go? The black part in the middle needs to be transparents!

Just put the picture over it

Or edit it

I tried, it needs to go beneath it because it doesnt look right…

You can always edit it.

Done it!

I can do it if you still need help :upside_down_face: