Photograph Ideas For Story

In my story, I’m making a lot of photos of the mc and her friends and all that. But, I need some ideas of what kind of pictures to do? I have two so far, one of them at the beach and another of them hanging out at a haunted house. Does anybody have any ideas for what other sort of images I should do?

some ideas:

  • a school dance
  • a party
  • someone’s backyard
  • someone’s house in general
  • cult ritual
  • playing with an animal
  • photobooth strip with masks/signs/crazy things (if you have the patience to edit/code that nightmare)
  • scenic view like a waterfall
  • swimming
  • graduation (if applicable)
  • cult ritual
  • sleepover
  • group selfie
  • birthday
  • cult ritual

Thank you! This is very helpful. I would have never thought of a cult ritual, but of course all the teens are doing them these days, so I have to put it in!

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The amount of times you put cult ritual has me dead :joy: :smile: