Photograph (torn) overlay and OTS backgrounds?

I wanted to include both items to save myself from creating another separate thread lol.

So OTS/over the shoulder backgrounds look really good in directing and scenes. However, I hateeeeee how there’s a limited amount of scenes that I don’t see that are ideal.

Is there a thread, drive or ANY source where OTS shots from users are uploaded or is it a request thing? Or how do you make them? Do you use any background and kind of modify the background’s zones for the OTS scenes, if that makes sense???

And as for the overlay I want/haven’t seen, I really want a framed photograph of a family, but with the dad’s face mostly torn on the side (tbe story has a scene with an estranged father). Does anyone have one or can make one?

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Can you please send me a picture of the characters doing the animation you want them to be doing in the photograph. I’ll make you a torn photograph. @azariasin

Did you want a screencap along with the spot directing (where to place) as well?

Or did you just want a general idea of the placement? Considering there’s two CC characters but only 1 non-cc character (this character is the one who should be ripped off)

General idea of placement. I just want the character doing the pose you want them to do and the background you want to use. @azariasin

For the OTS thing, most authors just move the characters to a different area so it looks like the view changed, if that makes sense.

For example: when Character 1 talks to Character 2 over the shoulder, they stand in zone 1. When Character 2 talks to Character 1 over the shoulder, they stand in zone 2.
You should play around with zooms to stay consistent, too.

Hope this helped, sorry if that isn’t what you meant!



This is what I had in mind, if this is clearer?
The background is EXT. VICTORIAN GARDEN - DAY.

The placement is basically just a family photo of 3.
I made sure to place the “torn part” for the character on the right, if that makes it easier?
The animations for the trio are (from left to right): talk_neutral_forward, flirt_wink_forward and arms_crossed

Just to be clear, I don’t want the overlay to already have characters in it. That way, I can place any characters I want (since the first 2 characters are CC) inside the overlay. Idk why you wanted the animations, since the placement is mostly what I desired to show. Unless you just want an idea?

Frame wise, I don’t mind. It’s a family photograph placed on a table.