Pick me girls are the worst

For those who don’t know what a pick me girl is, basically girls who have this “I’m not like the other girls” mentality. They think they’re better than the girls they claim to hate but they are no better. I’ve seen them all on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and in real life. They are so damn annoying. Like they say things like “Real women don’t wear make up”. They use the word real to throw other girls under the bus for wearing make up. I don’t care if you’re a girl and doesn’t like make up, you have no right to act like you’re better than girls who wear make up. Pick me girls actually like to victimise themselves in a way by saying something like,“I used to get bullied in school for being a tomboy.” as a way to make girls feel guilty for liking girly things.

Noticed how they act like these people from these cliche high school movies. Like label high maintenance girls as “plastic” and “arrogant” and portray them as horrible when these nerdy girls are no better than the girls they claim to hate.


Real women don’t wear makeup? What kind of mindset is that?

I think that’s okay to say, as long as you don’t mean it to make girls feel guilty for being girly.

I don’t wear makeup. Not because I’m a ‘real woman’. Not because I’m ‘special’. Just because I have no idea how to apply it and probably never will :joy:


It’s these idiots who think that wearing make up means they’re slutty when it’s complete nonsense. These girls only say that rubbish to please men.


Im not a makeup girl but some of the stuff ive seen girls do with it is absolute art.

I hate tht “im not like other girls” crap makes girls who are not girly girls feel like they cant like “girly” things or they are posers and makes the femminie ones seem like they are shallow and weak


i am not like other girls

i hate that sentence. when used by woman its a way to say i am diffrent so i am better.
and men use it to flirt. (well they say. you/she is not like other girls) like how am i diffrent . they never back up with any reason why i am diffrent( i usally just see it in movie and books)

i myself i am a neardy gamer girl who always are reading a book or playing a game. i dont use make up or care about my clothes. i work with animals so looks is something you should not care about cause you alwyas walk home looking like a rack.

but i still own many pretty dresses. know how to do make up. actually have a bunch i use for cosplay and such.

i have both been called the girl who dont try. and the girl who do to much.

i dont see myself as any diffrent because of any of this


My thoughts exactly. I used to have this friend who is a tomboy and omg she was so hateful! Like whenever I share a picture of how cute the dress is, she always comments with “Ewww dresses are for sluts!” And she also said stupid things like “You can’t be a feminine woman and like video games.” It was ridiculous! She’s like 23 years old and she acts like a bratty teenager I can’t even! She’s a tomboy because she wanted to please her boyfriend that being a tomboy is better than being a girly girl. She even thinks that she’s better than the girls who are naturally slim when she posted this stupid post “Real women have curves, bones are for dogs.”


U can do both(contrary to wat the media shows)
I like a cute dress but i will absolutely play videogames and do “boyish” activities…over the years u learn u dont have to fit into a catergory all the time…and u still gotta learn it x3

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Like, I’d say I’m not like other girls. But nobody is like anybody. We’re all unique :woman_shrugging:


Exactly. I hate hearing these really stupid gender stereotypes.
It’s okay to be a feminine girl and like Action Man
It’s okay to be a masculine guy and like She-Ra


I’m not like other girls.

These “real girls” are actually contributing to sexism.


“I’m not like other girls.”
I’ve hardly ever heard this before but I already hate it. People usually favor supposedly masculine traits over supposedly feminine traits. People praise girls for expressing masculine traits, shame and belittle boys that show feminine traits, and ignore everyone else (and if you’re non binary, people will say you don’t even exist.)
But it isn’t cool or uncool to wear makeup, play video games, wear dresses, or express any gender associated trait. It’s just… you. Being a very feminine girl does not make you boring, weak, or not unique. Everyone is unique. Being a very feminine girl does not even define whether you do stuff like video games or use makeup or not. People think it’s hip and cool for girls to act more masculine, but again, it’s just about you and your uniqueness. If you’re a tomboy, you aren’t necessarily trying to act hip amd cool (although a few people are I believe) but you are most likely just being yourself. Although I don’t use makeup or wear dresses, I know it’s fun for a lot of people and they are not “unspecial” because of it. I play video games because they are fun, (even though I procrastinate with them way too much), not because I am trying to be defiant. I’ve always loved video games, and that does not mean I’m more “masculine” than other people.
These “pick me girls” you are talking about need to get their ____ together and stop hating on others. It’s okay to feel special, but it’s not okay to thrust your supposed specialness onto other people with meanness.
Okay that was pretty long and repetitive. Oops.

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They just say that just to please guys you know. I’m sure you have heard of the other phrase, “I’m one of the guys.” Same s**t really.
The tomboys I’ve came across are so hateful.

It doesn’t make them special, it makes enemies. People simply will not like people who shame them for things like wearing makeup.

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True that.

Don’t wear makeup…good for you. Don’t go belittling others for wanting to doll up.

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I actually feel messed up because of my supposed “specialness” I know it’s not specialness but since I’ve never met anyone with quite the same gender and sexuality, I have always felt weird and with so many odd differences, though now I know that’s not the case.

I kind of feel twisted because I can’t call myself “straight”.

About the makeup thing and tomboy thing, everyone has different personalities. It just depends on a person whether they want to wear makeup or not, whether they like girly things or not.

I didn’t know that kind of girls are called pick me girls but I do agree with you. Everyone is unique in their own self so it’s not like tomboys are better or preppy girls are worse or something.

I myself don’t wear makeup much, not because I think it’s wrong or that it isn’t real beauty or whatever. I don’t wear it simply because I am too lazy to make the effort most of the time. It can’t be concluded that one kind of people are better than others. It’s like comparing nerds to jocks. There’s nothing wrong with being either.

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Pick me girls say I’m not like other girls to throw other girls under the bus for being too girly or whatever and they do that to look good in front of guys… it’s easy to tell.

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Exactly what I was trying to say. It’s so annoying when they say that they’re one of the boys and get offended when girls like to wear lacy/floral/animal print.
I have this annoying aunt who always come up with rubbish like “girly girls don’t watch horror films”. Hate these gender stereotypes.


Pick Me girls are mainly tradthots (woman who preaches traditional or conservative values just to please men), anti-feminists who pretend to care about men’s issues when they’re actually thirsty for that D, tomboys and Nice Girls (female equivalent to Nice Guys).

Fair enough, as long as you don’t put others down for wearing makeup like some girls do. Like they always make these stupid charts that look like this: