Pick Ur Favorite Plot

Pick your favorite plot and vote on which one you think is better :slight_smile:
me and @writeslondon are writing a new story together, but we are having trouble picking out which one is better, so we came to ask you.

  • MC who was born into a Criminal Empire. She’s in line to be the head of the Empire but her step brother is next in line due to him being a male. One day after going out on a business errand (Killing someone). She is intrigued by this man, he’s shady, suspicious, and bad news. After, talking for a while, the MC misses her chance to complete her “errand”, and her step brother is furious and asked her why she didn’t finish her task. The MC tells him the name of the mysterious man, her stepbrother freaks out and tells her that the son of their Rival. Her Step-Brother tells her that her next mission is to pretend to like him to gain information. (first plot)

  • The MC was born into a criminal empire. She was in line to be the head of the mafia. Her father didn’t approve of her being the leader of the mafia sense she was a girl. Her twin brother was always put before her in her dad’s eyes. One day her father sent her out on a business errand (assassination). She was about to go for the kill, but this man caught her eye. He had dark hair, and he’s eye looked as if they held lots of mischief and secrets, she was so distracted that she had lost the man they second she looked away. After having problems she returned to her father and brother, and told them she didn’t kill the guy, she explained to them what happened and they explained to her that she may have just started a war with the Italian Cartel. (second plot)

  • First Plot
  • Second Plot

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