Pick Your Poison

I am thinking of having a dance battle in my Adventourous story. What do u think?


  • Yas!!
  • No…

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@Alissonian why did u vote no? Whats your view on it?

To be honest, I love dance battles on movies… But on Episode? It’s just a way too long sequence of terrible animations that in general has no real purpose and just paralyzes the plot for a couple of minutes that I’ll never get back :sweat_smile:


It wont be a lot of persons battling lol. Its just the MC vs his friend. Simple choices. easy win or lose lol

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Plus their at a party, just grooving and having fun, it wont be that long in the scene.

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I’d have to see it, but, in general, it just seems like a waste of time both for the reader and you (Especially you).

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lol i know, kinda true, but to me, nah not waste of time, plus I dont want my scenes to be too short, so might just add a choice in their with dancing, but your opinions are awesome.

I understand not wanting the scenes to be too short, I personally hate Episode’s idea that every scene shouldn’t last more than two seconds, but in my experience, it can get boring when you don’t have dialogue, and thus nothing to tap away. Either way, maybe it’ll be your dance battle that will make me change my mind :joy:

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woah! there WILL be more dialouge! This battle gonna be funny like idk what! :rofl::joy:

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