'Picker' Not Working in Desktop Previewer– anyone else?

Hi everyone! I’ve been having this issue for the last couple of months, after enabling the ‘picker’ in the desktop previewer, it simply gets stuck on the ‘picker’ screen and none of the streams show up to be selected.

It’s working in the mobile previewer, so I figure the issue is not my code.

I’ve reached out to the support team previously and was told there wasn’t anything that they could do, and I should just wait it out. It’s been months now, and while I don’t mind previewing on my mobile device, the complicated branching and directing of my story is so so SO much easier to do in the desktop previewer.

I’m wondering if anyone else has had this issue and either a) seen it resolve itself or b) you still have this issue?


Yep, it’s not working for me and actually freezing my story too, so I have to refresh every time :expressionless:

Whew I’m glad I’m not alone– but I’m sorry that you’re having this issue too!

Yes, whenever it gets stuck on the picker I have to save my story and refresh my browser twice before I can get the previewer window to work again.

So frustrating! @Apes , have you spoken to support about it or anyone else at Episode? I’d be interested to know if we’ve had similar support experiences as well.

What is a picker?

It’s when you use the ‘if/elif’ code to make streams, like if a player chose option a then this happens, but if they chose option b than that happens– the picker in the portal allows you the author to navigate the story based on what ‘stream’ you are trying to test.

I hope I’m making some sense! :slight_smile:

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I didn’t send a support ticket :neutral_face: mostly because I knew there won’t be much of a help :weary: My laptop is quite old so I thought it’s because of this. :thinking:

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Yup! Thanks :grinning: x

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue.

I’m experiencing the same thing for more than a month now. I submitted a ticket but the response I’ve gotten is that they could not replicate the error on their end and advised me to try logging in with a different internet connection and different computer, say at a local library for example. Hmm…

I agree that the Web Previewer saves up a lot of time as compared to testing it on the app.

Do you have the icon “Story Modifiers”? I really hope you do. It’s the icon in between the icons, “Directing Helper” and “Navigation”. When you click on “Story Modifiers”, you’ll see “Flags”, “Counters” and “Character Points”. I’ve been using “Flags” to test the ifs/elifs/else on the Web Previewer. It helps a lot, especially if you have a fair bit of branching.

The reason why I ask is because it seems that not everyone have the same type of Web Previewer. I posted about the missing “Hide debug elements of HUD” in my insta story before and gotten some feedback from some authors. For my case, my “Hide debug elements of HUD” has been missing from my Web Previewer since Dec 2017 and some people feedback saying that theirs went missing too, some still have theirs, while some did not even have that at all ever since they started using the Web Previewer, which is very odd.

I’ve submitted a ticket. I’ve gotten the same response to try logging in on a different computer with a different internet connection, like the local library for example. I’m upset with the response I’ve gotten as I record sneak peeks for trailers for my stories and I’ve been using the same computer when the Web Previewer got out and manage to record stuff before Dec 2017. I’ve given up recording using the app as it crashes/freezes mid scene and skipped past a few animations when I try to record on my phone and overlays are all over the place on my Android.

Sorry for the rant. :sweat_smile:

I really hope the Enable Picker thing gets resolved soon. “Story Modifiers >> Flags” is a good alternative for now. Best of luck!

Hello Quizote Chic!

Ahh I’m sorry that you’re having the same issue. It’s so frustrating!

I tried clearing my cache, logging in on a different browser, logging on on a different computer, no luck with any of the troubleshooting instructions I was given.

My ‘Hide debug elements of HUD’ went missing from web previewer about the same time as yours! Every user must have access to a specific roll-out of the portal, and we happen to be on the same roll-out.

I do have the Story Modifiers button, so I will check out your tip re: flags, thank you!

Blah– I have issues with recording in the app as well. It records fine, but once it exports to my camera roll it’s all smooshed down. So weird!

Well, fingers crossed this gets resolved– at the end of the day I realize this is a free tool and it’s very kind of Episode to let us use it, so I’m not that fussed… but I do wish it would get fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

This seems to be a problem. Please submit a ticket to admin if you would like to discuss with the support team.

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Thank you, YAY12 :slight_smile: I did speak to the support team, and unfortunately there is nothing they can do at this time. Sucks, but hopefully it will be resolved in a future update :slight_smile:

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Yeah ikr it does suck.

I actually was having a problem where it wasn’t working at all, and kept adressing PICKER instead of just branching over. I went into ‘Navigation’ and selected ‘Enable Picker (currently on/off)’ and turned it from on to off. Everything is fixed now, though!

Call me dumb, but what is the picker? If someone explains I could maybe try help!