PicsArt Tutorial/How To Make An Episode Cover

Hey guys! You might ask a million artists but some are busy, so, get PicsArt and create your very own cover! I also recommend to add more details. SO first, go on App Store (Or Google Play) and download PicsArt.

Search up PicsArt on it.

PicsArt Photo Editor will pop up.

Once PicsArt is downloaded, press on it and this screen will arrive.

After the loading ends, this screen will come. I drew arrows pointing to the Plus sign. Press on the plus sign.

Once you press the plus sign, this screen will come. Press “Edit”

Choose a background from your photos. You can also choose from Free Images, Take A Photo or Background (where you can pick a basic color or abstract wallpaper)

For instance, I went in “Background” and got this purple background. Anyway, the background you chose will come on a screen like this.

Press”Add Photo” like where the red arrow is pointing at. (To add your episode character)

You will come on this screen again. Pick a photo to add. But mainly, pick an episode character download. Comment down below if you want a tutorial on how to get an episode character download

I picked this nice girl ahem episode character download ahem

So mess around a bit with the cropping and placement, and when you’re satisfied, press “Cutout”.

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