Picture of MC with other characters

Okay this is kinda complicated so bare with me. Is there a way to somehow “collect” pictures of the main character with other characters and use them as overlays? Like let’s say I make the MC visit Paris and I want her to take a picture and like use that picture as like souvenir/collectible throughout the story. Is that possible?

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if you do not have CC of the main character than you can make it easily just make screenshot in phone and than upload it as overlay.

If you have alowed reader to change the caracter you can make it too but it will be more complicated. You will actually not make a picture with the characters but you will make overlays similar like making selfie or character apearing in TV just you have to make them some still not moving animation. If in suh case you want more suh pictures to be seen at once you would need to make several look alike character if there should be MC on more pictures…bit complicated but possible.

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oh ok.

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