Piercing overlays needed pls

Hi! I am in need of some piercing overlays, for girls and boys.
I need ear piercings for the boys on any/all parts of the ear as different characters will have piercings in lots of different places.
I need an eyebrow piercing too and lip piercings pls.
If anyone can do any, it would be greatly appreciated thank you!!! :slight_smile: I will credit you :slight_smile:

Hey! I made these so credit me by using my forum name:
Black%20Men's%20or%20Women's%20Earring White%20Men's%20or%20Women's%20Earring White%20Men's%20or%20Women's%20Lip%20Piercing%20Double%20FLIPPED White%20Men's%20or%20Women's%20Lip%20Piercing%20Double White%20Men's%20or%20Women's%20Lip%20Piercing%20FLIPPED White%20Men's%20or%20Women's%20Lip%20Piercing
Lmk if you want black lip piercings too! :heart:

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