Pika's Clothes [OPEN]

Hi everyone!! recently i’ve gotten back into making outfits for episode and wanted to bring back this shop because it was rlly fun for me and i enjoyed doing it!!

The same rules from my old shop are the same however i do not care about credit !! the old post is linked and you guys can find my old requests etc… i used to work on epi_alphas as an outfit designer so you can find some more outfits on there!!!


Hello! This is amazing! I am looking for college appropriate outfits for a closet. Thank you so much!

Password: Pika Pika
Style: LL
Description: Female Generic Everyday Wear. This character has a bit of a rock/indie vibe and she always likes a good beanie hat.
Special Items: N/A.

The character model is below:

Hello!! is your outfit shop still open?