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so I have a ton of actual important stuff to do, which is why I’m avoiding it at all costs. I’ve been messing around with some editing and thought I maybe could make a cover, splash or something else for people who wanted it? :smile:



  • Don’t thread jump - Pretty self-explanatory

  • Don’t steal the edits/art - I know it’s free, but still, request your own edit if you want one, don’t steal my examples or the stuff I make for other people

  • Don’t be rude - I really don’t want any drama in this thread, thank you :heart:

I don’t want to stress any of the edits, so be aware I sometimes can be a little slow. :heart:

Well, I hope I can help some of you out! :smile:

What I need to know
  • Type (Large cover, small cover, splash, character card, etc.)
  • Style (Classic, Ink or LL)
  • Character details (If any characters)
  • Details (Cover; Title and author name, Splash; Text etc.)
  • Something else? (Colors, elements, objects, poses)

If you’re requesting a character card, please write if you want clothing to be listed on the card or not.

Example clothing:
Heavenly example
Example no clothing:

And same with name/no name


Character card


Skin: Gold 04
Body: Female Athletic Body
Face Shape: Heart Soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Eyebrow: Arched Natural Scar
Eyebrow Color: Deep Brown
Hair: Updo Curly Messy
Hair Color: Deep Brown
Eyes: Female Generic
Eye Color: Purple
Lip Shape: Full Round Pouty
Lip Color: Neutral Medium Nude Matte

Freckles 08-10
Star Collar Tattoo Solid

Twisted Floral Romper Polyester Nineties Purple Pink
Flat Canvas Sneakers Cotton Black White
Thin Silver Hoop Earrings
*A little Note, you can add (TurtleNeck Long Sleeve Sweater Cotton Cream) to my clothing but if it starts glitching then just remove it!

Neon Purple

Oh and her name is Heavenly

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may i have a splashh pleaseee?

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oooo I like your splash or whatever they’re called lol with the advisory warnings. If you can. may I request one? xx

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I’ll start working on it!

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Of course! Just send me the details!

Thank you!

Thank you! Just send me the details!

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i’m a little slow lol ,what are splashes i have really never asked for one before .

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One little thing, there’s more than one heart shapes for the face, did you have a specific in mind? Like heart defined or heart soft?

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They are warnings before a story, like if there’s sound in the story some people use a splash to bring it to the readers attention or if there’s strong language and mature themes or trigger warnings

ohhh i seee ,so uu need my Character detail that’s all?

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Heart Soft

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If you want a splash I would also need detail on what the splash is for, sound, warnings etc.

And, yes, if you want a character to appear in the splash, then I would need the details :smile:

well ,i want strong language and music mhm feel like im asking for to much sowwie :pleading_face:


Not at all! I’ll start working on them :heart:

Do you want a specific character in the or a theme or color?

yes only one character…

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In both of them? Can you send me their details?

no jus the music theme one ,in okayyy

“ Character details “

Body : Neutral 04

Brow : Round medium :black dark

Hair : short straight tucked :black dark

Eyes : Female generic : brown dark

Face : heart soft

Nose : Defined natural

Lips : full heart pouty : Rose medium nude matte

(Skill and roses arm tattoo ,Cat eyed round glasses metal black)

(Diamond cutout strap thin cotton black ,Rippedleggingssimpleblueoxford ,Rubber hell boot matte leather black snake skin ,and locket and choker necklace metal gold)

thankkk youu ,take your time ma’am :blush: