Pineapples 🍍 R4R

Hey girly!!! I also finished your story. I love the look of the characters! One critique I do have is that the directing is a little bit off. It seems like you have a good base knowledge of layers, transitions, spot directing, etc., but there are time when the characters seem out of place. My suggestion is to just hop on YouTube and watch a couple of episode tutorials! Joseph Evans makes some really good ones and there are some other videos out there too. But so far the storyline is good so keep going! You’ll only get better with practice! :blush:

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I have added your story to my favorites. I will probably get to it today or tomorrow!

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No problem! Start whenever you can😊

Hey! I’m down for r4r if you are:)
I’ll start reading yours asap!
Here’s my story:

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And @jellyepi11211 I have started both of your stories but remember, per the rules, I don’t finish or post SS for your stories until the one for mine has been posted. Take your time, but if you see somebody else’s SS posted before yours that’s why. :blush:

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Hi! I have one story ahead of yours but will probably get to your story tonight!

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That’s fine! I’ll pm you once i’m done:)

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Hey! I posted the SS here so others can see and hopefully will want to read! Keep writing! :blush:

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Thank you for reading we appreciate it!! Also, just in case I’m just letting you or anyone else know that this story is completely satire and meant to be a joke, I’m so sorry if it was a waste of your passes.

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Forgot to post the SS on here. Definitely recommend Dirty Billionaires

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Thank you so much!! :sob::two_hearts:

Do you want to do r4r? We had done this earlier for your other story?

Title:- Love Confession
Author:- Divya
Episodes:-10 (complete )
Description:- He likes his childhood friend but then she went away. After so many years she is back but she doesn’t remember him.
Does he have the courage to tell her or will it be too late?

Hi! I’ve already read your story up until episode 4. I can read an additional 3 episodes and post SS of those. How does that sound?

Sounds good :+1:

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Read 3 chapters

If anyone is up for R4R, I’m down. :heartpulse:
Please pay attention to then information down below on how on I do R4R(s)
The link you see below the bodies of paragraphs is the link into submitting your story to me for an R4R, I usually get them done pretty fast and I am usually the one that ends up reading the other person’s story first… If you are interested in an R4R, click on the link, fill out the information, and then submit your story to me. I usually get back to everyone within 24 hours, even less than that to all respondents… It takes about two minutes to fill out the form, all you have to do is select three multiple choice questions, and answer three short answer questions. (Name of Story, Link to Story, IG handle (Optional)).

I have this form, BECAUSE IT HELPS ME KEEP TRACK OF WHO IS GHOSTING AND WHO IS NOT. Before I created the form, I had at least up to seven to ten different episode authors who completely ghosted me after I read their story, and that is not okay. This happened within one week of me being on the forums and so I decided to log into my Google account, and created a form for this reason. SO I KNOW WHO HAS READ MY STORY AND WHO HAS NOT! To me, it is really disrespectful and rude if you don’t keep your word for an R4R and completely ghost the other person who gives into their personal time and reads your story.

NOTE: I WILL TAKE IN DM(s) Requests through my Instagram Handle & PM(s) through the Forums, BUT, If you decide that filling out a two minute form is a waste of time, that’s fine you don’t have to… BUT! If you DM/PM me a request through the Forums or IG, then YOU HAVE TO READ MY STORY FIRST! Because people who DM/PM for R4R’s are harder to keep track of rather than the form, if you would like to do an R4R, but DM/PM me rather than do the two minute form, then you have to read my story first. (I WILL READ UR STORY AFTER U READ MINE)

NOTE: Anyone who submits the form will have their stories read first by me.
NOTE: Anyone who submits a request for R4R by DM/PM HAS TO READ MY STORY FIRST… It’s so I can make sure that you ARE NOT/WILL NOT ghost me!

Now, if you would like to do an R4R, please either submit a form using the link below, or DM/PM through the Forums or Instagram. But if you request by DM/PM (YOU HAVE TO READ MY STORY FIRST).


  1. You MUST read my story “Captivating Reactions (LL)” (NO GHOSTING) and you must provide at least ONE screenshot proving you have read it.

  2. I will read your stories in the order I receive them! ( NOTE If you DM me being pushy or rude about getting your story done while there are people ahead of you waiting for their story to be read, YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE LIST!)

  3. You must provide the link to your story. (I will be able to find them faster.)

  4. If you decide you want some feedback, I WILL NOT be rude about it. My intention is to help you better yourself as a writer/author (IT"S NOT TO HURT YOU)

  5. If you want to provide some feedback, go for it! But BE NICE about it, I will not be rude to you, so I would like the same respect.

  6. If you decide you want to DM me instead of filling out a two minute form, that is fine! BUT, YOU HAVE TO READ MY STORY FIRST! My form is there to make sure that people don’t ghost me, and once you’ve completed my story and sent me a screenshot proving you have read it, then I will read yours.

Please Note (I use my Instagram 24/7! I can get back to you faster if you put in your Episode Instagram account, so please do so if you can, if not and you only have a Forums account, please PM and I will try to get back to you as fast as I can.)

IG: @giulianna_creates


Story: Captivating Reactions
Author: Giuliannna (Insta Handle: @giulianna_creates)
Genre: Romance
Style: Limelight
Description:Easton Rivers: The hottest and sexiest play-boy billionaire to ever to exist. But will being thrown into the mafia change his ways when he’s forced to marry a captive in disguise?


I have finished another 3 episodes of Love Confession!!!

Good morning y’all!

I just published my newest story, Pineapples, not too long ago! Give it a read and follow me on insta! I post mood boards, sneak peeks, discussion posts, artwork, and more on insta so definitely give me a follow to fully engage with the story!

Feel free to promote your stories here as well! I love finding new stories to read!

Story: Pineapples
Author: bgb.episode
Description: Eliana King wants one thing, revenge. Ravished by the death of her father, Eliana sets out on a quest for vengeance and meets a mysterious dark knight along the way.
Genre: Romance
Sub Genres: Mystery, Drama
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 1-4
Insta: bgb.episode

Link: I’m reading PINEAPPLES. Check it out:



Hey @bgb.episode! Your story sounds very interesting! I will definitely check it out today!

Here’s my story and it has only 3 episodes so far but episode 4 will be published next week (hopefully)… :see_no_evil:

It would mean a lot if you could check it out even if it is only one episode…

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Thank you very much for this thread! :blue_heart:
I have two stories, one of them is on hold but people still enjoy reading it and I will continue it very soon :grin:

Title: All The Lights
Author: @annawepisode
Episodes: 12 (on hold)

Title: Chasing Stars
Author: @annawepisode
Episodes: 4 (more coming soon)

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