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Alright now I don’t usually make these sorts of posts but I was reading a book and realized that all of the art scenes they used were taken from Pinterest like real like Pinterest pictures of photo shoots so my question was is it allowed?

I highly doubt it, especially being from Pinterest :sweat_smile:

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See that’s what I thought but every single picture I’ve seen was from Pinterest unfortunately I don’t remember the story for you to yourself but every picture was from Pinterest and you might say maybe they bought it but there was no credit at all…


That shouldn’t be allowed. Was the pictured kind of real people or anime or like an art kind of work?

It’s very difficult to say. Sometimes copyright free images are posted to Pinterest, but the majority of things posted on Pinterest are copyrighted. Some of the images you encountered could’ve been allowed whilst others were not, or perhaps all of them were copyrighted. It’s not always easy to find out either. :person_shrugging::confused:

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Real people and art

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Copyrighted, definitely.

Are real people allowed as art…

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No, it goes against guidelines.

Brands, Real People and Places :

Brands cannot be a plot point or drive the story
Story cards, backgrounds or overlays cannot contain brand references
No images or illustrated likenesses of celebrities or historical or contemporary public figures are allowed as characters or on backgrounds, overlays or story cards
Celebrities and historical or contemporary public figures cannot appear as characters
Celebrities, historical or contemporary public figures, and real places cannot be a plot point or drive the story.

As long as the people are unknown it looks like it’s fine to use them.