Pirate Quest (in need of a partner writer)

Hello. I am starting the first episode of a pirate adventure story which I plan to call Pirate Quest. It will be about a misfit pirate who embarks on a journey in order to save his reputation.

I would like a writing partner that I can discuss the story with regularly. Whoever ends up being my writing partner will contact me through private message and he/she will be labeled as a co-author of my story when it’s published.

If you’re interested, simply post that your interested and tell me what you think you can contribute (in general). I will privately message whomever I choose. Thanks in advance.

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While this isn’t a requirement, I would especially appreciate a partner who could design custom backgrounds for me. Thanks.

Hello there, I’d love to be a writing partner with you. :slight_smile: I’m good when it comes to complex choices, story branches, and dialogue. I can also help you with any errors and offer writing advice. As far as custom backgrounds go, I can make them, however it depends on how complex they are~

Awesome! I’m not at all good at coding and mainly use my phone. I can still do most things from my phone, but I need coding mainly for a wider selection of backgrounds and possibly clothes. Wondering though, how do I give you permission to code my story? Do I just add you as an author or what?

Continue this conversation on private message.

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: