PITCH: A Royal Pain (Mystery, Romance)

Hi everyone! I am currently plotting my first Episode story, and I was hoping to get some feedback as to whether people would be interested in it!

You might remember this pitch from the old forums, but I’ve changed a few things around, so I figured I should post it here as well.

Without further ado…

Working title: A Royal Pain
Style: Limelight
Format: Spotlight, some Cinematic
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Description: To establish peace, you are engaged to the heir of a rival kingdom. But someone is sabotaging your wedding! Can you uncover who? Choices matter. CC, LGBT friendly.

Longer summary: You are a princess arranged to be married to an heir from a rival kingdom, in hopes of putting an end to the war between your countries. However, once engaged and on your way to becoming queen, you realize that things are awry in the palace. Someone is trying to sabotage your wedding. It’s up to you to find them. Manipulate people and situations to your advantage, forge alliances or bitter rivals, and make difficult decisions. Will you uncover the saboteur?


  • Character customization (main character + love interest)
  • Complex choices that will impact the story
  • Ability to raise and utilize stats, using the gain system
  • An – hopefully – intriguing plot with a side of romance
  • LGBT friendly; you can marry the prince or the princess!


Relatively early in the story, you will be given four stats that you will have to manage: charisma, intelligence, reputation, and influence (might be changed later). You will be given opportunities to raise these stats through your choices.

You can utilize these stats throughout the story, as they can unlock special choices and even scenes pertaining to a specific stat. For instance, if you have a sufficient amount of charisma, you can unlock charisma choices that will help you win over characters more easily! Or so is the plan, anyway.

This is a pretty ambitious project, but I’m excited to see it through! I just want to see if there are readers out there interested in reading this type of story, first.


Sounds interesting

Thank you! Glad you think so :smiley:

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