Pitch Perfect story gone?

Hello, a while ago i playied Pitch Perfect in deep treble and it was a great story. I got a new device now and i wanted a new account so i didnt restore the data from the old one but when i try to search for the story is nowhere to be found! Did the story got removed from new users?


I think they removed it, I can’t find it either


What!? It was one of the few stories i actually liked on this app =_=
Are they gonna get rid of mean girls or demi stories too ;^;


I hope they don’t get rid of the Demi stories :frowning: I haven’t even finished season 2 yet

I checked episodeinteractive website and at discover image they still show pitch perfect there! I also checked the forum and social media and saw nothing about the book being deleted. I hope its a bug and they will add it back @Sydney_H @Nick
And thats not all. Extas stories such as mean girls Karen/Gretchen/Cady stories are also gone


Demi Lovato has its own app so even if they would remove it from the episode app they might keep the original Demi app maybe

But would I keep my old stats if I moved on to the app?

The Demi app and episode app are different even if you play the same Demi books. So no, your progress would not be transfered from one to another

I can’t find It too

I can’t find it either. I had it in my recommendations on my profile so I was hoping it’d still be there but nope, it’s gone. Crap, I really liked that story :pensive: It was the first Episode story I ever read and it’s honestly still the best Episode Official story I’ve read to date. :confused:

If they wanted to remove it they should have noticed us before, especially because it was a popular story and some might have wanted to play it again before they remove it. Maybe if enough ppls send support tickets they will add it back lol

I wonder- and this is a complete guess- if there was a license to use the Pitch Perfect characters and names and if that license expired and they didn’t renew it?

Maybe but they should have lets us know. Other stories that would use license are still there so idk why they would decide to remove pitch perfect because it was pretty popular and they dont have that many stories at category hollywood since they dont add non featured stories there so they should have kept it or at least notice us before.

I talked with the support team and they said it was removed BUT theres a chance they might add it back if more ppls writes them suggestion support tickets about this matter

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