Hello community!
I know, I know I’ve been asking so many questions! Sorry about that I’m just a new writer trying to find my way here on Episode :joy:

I have been trying to write in a while. I talked to some people here and they suggested to write on something else as what I have in mind may not be too interesting for the readers. So, I would like to pitch my story and hear honest opinions. Would you read this story?

Ps: English is not my first language so sorry in advance for any mistakes

Arianna Montenegro is Brazilian. Her father left her mother, who had to raise 3 small children. Soon, her mother met an American man online and moved to NY to live the American Dream. Arianna grew up, became a lawyer, had a fiance, friends…Until she catches her fiance cheating on her with her bestfriend. Her world fell apart. However, she gets the long-waited opportunity to follows her dream job to travel around the world working on a cruiseship, where she’ll meet lots of people from different cultures, get to know many countries and meet her best-friend and love of her life. Will she be able to stay away from her loved ones? Specially when a tragedy happens in her family? Of course, there will be drama-drama-drama and an enigma to be sorted about the cruise staff.

Thats about it, wont say anything else so I wont tive any future spoilers

I hope to hear from you guys!


haiiii i think its sounds really interesting i’ll definitely give it a read if you give me the name haha but just a question. so if she’s a lawyer, how come she goes on a cruise? idk im just curious :sob: but great storyyyyy

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That makes me really happy! I’ll definitly send you if I go through with the story.
She is a lawyer but she worked as a waitress when she was in school. She applied to work on a cruise w/ ver fiance because it was their dream to travel the world. When she catches him cheating, she gets the opportunity to work there. As her life was a mess, she decides to leave everything behind and follow her dream alone.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg ok please do send it to me if you go through with it and im definitely gonna tell my friends abt thisssssss

Thanks so much for that :purple_heart:

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ofc ofc ^-^

it sounds really great ! I would definitely read, if you would want to notify me once its out that would be great ! :))

also, do you have any title ideas? :two_hearts:

Thanks! That means a lot :purple_heart: I’ll totally send you once I publish! I was thinking of something like: Destined To Be Yours - but I still haven’t done any cover art or anything so I can still change it

I love thissssss, I would definetly read it if you publish((((:
It sound so interesting, and the storyline is pretty unique.

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Thanks so much! That really means a lot! I’ll definitly go for it and send you once I release the first chapters! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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