Pixelated Overlays

hey everyone! so i have this problem where whenever i script my overlays into my script, it turns very pixelated. idk why but the overlays I upload are hd i guess.

this is how the overlay looks when its in the script⬇️

this is the original overlay/the overlay i uploaded⬇️

i use ibis paint to make them:)

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The problem with Ibis is the set resolution is at a rough 72 pixel. In technicality making the canvas bigger can help increase your quality,
However the more you zoom into the overlay the more the quality is going to appear to be pixelated.
My set resolution for my stuff is around 150 pixels, but I also have access to adobe softwares, and unfortunately on ibis you have no control of pixel resolution.
If you still have issues I’d recommended switching programs.

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