Pixelly lines- Artists help!

So, almost every time I do a piece of art, the lines come out really pixelly, is this normal, or is there a way to stop it? Because I saw on this girls yt, her lines were clear and not really pixelly! If anyone can explain this to me, please do!

Possible artists that maybe could explain this?

Sorry if you didnt want to be tagged.

@SkyM @Yuke @miss.keisha @Shadow666 @Cheshire.Cat @ArtisticWaffle @PropertyofNae


Are you using stabilizer and force fade?


Try using a large canvas size, at least 1500 by 1500. That might make it clearer. Let me know if this helps!

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I notice this with Ibis Paint x it really annoys me but, in the final product it hardly shows up unless you zoom in on it (I use stabilizer & Force fade 90% of the time) :sweat_smile:

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@SkyM yes I use stabilizer and force fade.
@ArtisticWaffle I tried using that canvas size, but it makes the pose im using really small ya know? Because if i make the pose bigger, some of it will be cut out

@Cheshire.Cat do you use 90% for both of the force fade start and end?


Huh. Maybe try even bigger or use force fade like others have suggested? Maybe you won’t be able to tell when zoomed out.

I have mine on the defaults (40%) and on the real time setting.

thats my normal setting @Cheshire.Cat

And that’s what I use

I guess it may just be the canvas… idk what else it could be

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What brush are you using?

dip pen (hard) i believe it is…

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Hmm that’s weird I don’t have any pixel type lines when using that brush at all :thinking:

would the canvas affect it at all?

It could be the canvas size, you could try making it a little bigger as others have said. Just note that a bigger canvas means you won’t be able to make as many layers :two_hearts: