Pixlr Loss - So Much Work!

I was working on a complex background and overlay on Pixlr when I accidentally clicked the X on the open project page. And now all of it is gone. Hours of work. I was like 1 minute from downloading it. I’m sure there’s no way to restore it and I can’t bear to do it all again.

I want to pull my hair out. IDK what to do. Cry, probably. Any advice? Words of kindness? Commiserating stories?


so sad

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That sucks. If it makes you feel any better, I once spent a really long time coding about half and episode, then forgot to press save. My laptop decided to refresh automatically when I turned it back on, so that was all gone.

So I know how you feel. It happens, and it’s super annoying, but there’s nothing we can do other than vent about it to someone, which is what I did lol.


I know it must be very hard for uh and uh myt be very angry.but just relax… Take a deep breath and give urslf more credit… It wasn’t ur fault… U myt be doing again in future and make something better than previous one… :heart::heart::heart:

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It’s just hard when you spend hours on something and lose it in a second.


I know it does happen and it’s annoying… But I just want uh to not stress over it nd move past it :heart::heart:


I’m sorry this happened, Pixlr can really be a pain sometimes. :pensive: But it should be in your latest projects place, right?

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No, the one little mistake I made was clicking the X on that screen.

Did you try going to your history?

Yeah, it’s gone.

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I’m sorry to hear that.

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Oh no. :pensive: I hope you can find it again.