Place a character inside the TV?

Can someone please help me make a character move inside the TV? I want my MC to watch something on the news. please help!

-Thanks in advance


you need to use overlays.
put the overlay at layer 2, the character inside the tv at layer 1 and the mc at layer 3

Thank you so much. I will try that.

let me know if it didn’t work

save a TV overlay that shows a TV with the middle part where the show is supposed to be transparent (you can probably find this off google), upload it on overlays.

go onto your script and use this overlay and put your character inside of it with spot directing.
make sure the TV is on a layer higher than the character (for example tv at layer 2 and character at layer 1)

Thank you. :blush:

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how do i write the tv layers and overlay in script form

please help I dont know how to write the script for layers and overlays i know the overlay is with
but im trying to put character in tv but i dont know the way to write it in the script
eg layer 1 tv layer 2 character

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Type this in your script:
@overlay OVERLAYNAME at layer #
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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