Place to go in the usa


My family are thinking about going to the US in the summer and we need help picking somewhere to go.

Does anyone know somewhere that ticks all these boxes :

  • Teen friendly
  • Not too hot
  • Has Halal food
  • Has interesting places to go visit
  • Has some kind of coastal / nature paths
  • Is Instagram worthy

All help is welcome.

Many Thanks

Z x


New York :joy:


New York


If you want my opinion go to Florida.
The summer is usually the rainy season and even if it’s 100 degrees it feels a lot cooler. Also you can go to the major theme parks (sure there will be crowds but every where will be crowded due to it being summer). You can go to Universal Studios, Disney, SeaWorld and they are all located near each other, plus hotels in Orlando have shuttle buses that drive you too and from the parks (just make sure you get on the right bus and get off at your hotel stop.)

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I hear Florida’s crazy that time of year :eyes:


New York & California have so much to offer for tourists!

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Hawaii or Florida should be a good choice. They have a bunch of natural sites and beaches that are Instagram worthy. It might get a little crowded because of how popular they both are.

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Florida is awesome, I lived there for almost 2 years, but I had been going for years before, tho it gets to 100+ sometimes, if you’re willing to go to Disney world then it’s good, they also have Hollywood Studios which is free to go, tho you have to pay for attractions but no entry ticket, there’s a lot of traffic around 5-6pm but that’s like everywhere, hope this helps :sparkling_heart: also, the beaches are good, but there’s a few ones you shouldn’t go to, I’ll look up the name and tell you later, and if you’re willing to drive about two hours from Orlando to Tampa the beaches are pretty good too and it’s less industrialized.

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Definitely New York! It has a temperate climate and extremely diverse. There’s a lot of Halal food in NYC! You can also go to upstate New York to hiking on the Adirondack Mountains! I highly recommend you visit Manhattan since there is so many cool places to visit there! You can go to Central Park, Hudson Yards, museums, etc. It’s definitely instagram worthy if you tell me!

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California, man. It’s the best place in the world. I want to go there one more time.


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