Placement of speech bubble

Hi I’m writing a story and I was wondering if you think that the bubble should be at the mouth even if it cover the faces of other people or if it should miss all the faces and just point the person talking?

i am doing them over there head if i can. so that it wont cover anyone

and if you can’t?

the best available spot

to not cover the faces?

I try not to cover there faces but sometimes it does. I like for the reader to see their faces but sometimes it covers a bit of there Dave’s as long as it is not through the whole story it should be okay

I have a story that has about 6 main characters, so most of the time they are together so I was wondering what is more important as a reader

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I personally don’t like when speech bubbles are off, and I usually spot them in almost every scene.

I do spot them on every scene :smiley:
So here’s the example witch one looks better:

maybe make a speech bubble a bit smaller?

What about this one?

first, try to place them so they won’t cover other characters faces

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Thank you

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