Placement: Speech bubbles

I have a character that is meant to be in a wheel chair so he’s generally sitting down most of the time. I’ve noticed that the speech bubbles and narrator box cover his face in most scenes though

I don’t know how to move them so that they’re out of his face. I’ve looked at a couple of forums but I’m still struggling trying to figure it out.

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When you click on “directing helper” there is this box called “bubble helper”. If you click on this box, you can resize and replace your speechbubbles. Then you only have to copy the code in your script.
(The directing helper is a box “in” your preview)


Thank you. That makes sense now. :slightly_smiling_face::pray:

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You’re welcome :blush: If there’s a problem, you can tell me and I’ll gladly try to help you :blush:

Aw, thank you!! I appreciate that. :blush:

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