Places where you wrote your Episode story

Are there any weird places where you wrote your story? For example, I wrote a few dialogue lines while having breakfast and a few “stands screen center” in doctor’s appointment :sweat_smile: (ofc while waiting)

Did anyone else do something similar or am I just too addicted? Perhaps you work on your story when you’re at work? :smirk:


I write mostly at work lol, but there was a few times I wrote on my phone at the gym and then transferred it over once I was at work again


So I only write on my computer, but I take it with me, outside of my apartment. Then I usually write in a cafe with coffee, but I have written on the metro (subway). I laugh at the strange looks I get for having my MacBook on my knee. (wink)


I’ve had ideas for scenes randomly come to me in the middle of my runs and I’ve had to stop just to jot them down in my notes app :sweat_smile:


i was cleaning someones house and i had an idea so uh… i wrote :cowboy_hat_face:

Lmao in class, not often though. Only when I’m sitting in the back and no one can see what im doing :joy:

I usually write at home or in a café… never tried writing at work; it’s way too risky. :joy:

I work from office home so I used to write a lot during work. I actually only wrote during work lol. Now I’m too busy with my job so I write in my free time which is non-existent and I take notes on my phone everywhere, whenever I have an idea or a dialogue stucks into my head. By everywhere, I mean everywhere: on the bus, at my parents’, at a friend’s place, in the bathtub… I know this sounds rude but I don’t always tap my phone when I have company, but if they go to the bathroom or do some other stuff for 5 minutes, I usually think this is my time to quickly write a few dialogue lines :smiley:

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