Placing a door overlay?

Hey, I need help on how to place the door overlay from Alexa_Episode.
It’s an overlay which you place over a background but it always looks odd when i do it.
Heres the overlay:

and here’s the background.
i’d prefer it to be near the stairs,

@ellaw.episode I think you’re supposed to place it when you’re directing the scene?

I have done but the spot placement looks odd.
I’ll show a screenshot of it.

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is this just how it is or am i placing it wrong?

You need to cut to a different zone

&overlay OLNAME create
&overlay OLNAME shifts to xyz in zone 2/3 AND overlay OLNAME scales to xyz in zone 2/3
&overlay OLNAME opacity 1 in 0
@cut to zone 2/3 (I’m not too sure whether it’s 2 or 3 with your background)

Tell me if this helps x

That is how i did it, however the overlay looks odd with the floor.
Any chance you know any interior doorway backgrounds?

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I only have the few I made, but they’re with the LA apartment BG - send a picture of what you mean by odd, maybe I can edit the BG a bit

It’s okay, i fixed the problem by moving it down slightly so it doesn’t look as bad as it did. Thank you for the help and suggestions tho! <3

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No problem!

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