Placing an overlay midscene HELP

So I’ve read the overlay tutorials and I’ve also read some posts in the forum and i’ve been doing what they say for placing an overlay midscene but it still doesn’t work. The overlay doesn’y appear in the scene and I dont know what I’m doing wrong : (

I can’t say much without seeing what you mean, but have you tried to put the zone while coding the overlay? or the opacity?

hmm how should i add it

You need to use the preview to shift and scale the overlay where you want it!

And the opacity is for default 1, anyway the code is:

@overlay overlayname opacity 1 in t

where t is the time

You haven’t it on some spot.
You need to put like


@overlay PORTAL shifts to 234 569 (depending of where you want)
@overlay PORTAL scales to 1.000 1.000 in zone x

You just need to spot it on your previewing window one your laptop.
Press directing helper, then overlay helper and finally switch tool: scale or move.
Then put it where you want and just copy the script bellow, without the numbers before the overlay name.
Hope you understood

it has tio be opacity1 atleast for me

Your script it fine. Just add-
&overlay PORTAL scales to 1.0 1.0 in 0
&overlay PORTAL shifts to 0 0 in zone # in 0

Make sure you specify the zone that you are in. 1 panel backgrounds you don’t need too. From there, preview your story on the portal or app and move the overlay to where you want it, resize it if needed then replace the numbers in the script with the new ones :blush:

My opacity is always set to 0 as default. Add:

@overlay PORTAL opacity 1 in 0

Then in the directing helper, preview the story and see where the overlay automatically appears. Drag it over to where you want it to be and then copy the code you’re given.

Thank you everyone for your help !

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