Placing & Animating Overlays

Yes it’s in the guide above

Thank you so much!

Please help me @Dara.Amarie
I want to duplicate table overlay from subway station overlay…

I don’t know why but it’s not converting into table

Here’s the script

It’s done… thank you anyway :blush:

can anyone help me pls I add my overlay to my story but they will not show on screen. I will give the code to help me pls and thank you


@LUNA stands screen center
label dress

@overlay LEFT ARROW create
@overlay 5697290179837952_LEFT ARROW shifts to 179 209 in zone 1
@overlay 5697290179837952_LEFT ARROW scales to 1.000 1.000
@overlay 5697290179837952_LEFT ARROW moves to layer 4
@Overlay LEFTARROW opacity1

@overlay RIGHT ARROW create
@overlay 5697290179837952_RIGHT ARROW shifts to -21 217 in zone 1
@overlay 5697290179837952_RIGHT ARROW scales to 1.000 1.000
@overlay 5697290179837952_RIGHT ARROW moves to layer 5
@Overlay RIGHT ARROW opacity1

@overlay CHECKMARK create
@overlay 5697290179837952_CHECKMARK shifts to 193 -6 in zone 1
@overlay 5697290179837952_CHECKMARK scales to 1.000 1.000
@overlay 5697290179837952_CHECKMARK moves to layer 6
@Overlay CHECKMARK opacity1
label dress
@LUNA is idle
tappable “LEFTARROW”{
@LUNA changes into Outfit 3
goto tap
@LUNA changes into Outfit 8
goto tap

    LUNA (talk_neutral)
This should be it

goto dress_end
label tap
tappable “LEFT ARROW”{
@LUNA changes into Outfit 1
goto tap1
@LUNA changes into Outfit 5
goto tap1
LUNA (talk_neutral)
This should be it.
goto dress_end
label tap1
tappable “LEFT ARROW”{
@LUNA changes into Outfit 2
goto dress
@LUNA changes into Outfit 7
goto dress
LUNA (talk_neutral)
This should be it.

goto dress_end
label dress_end
label dress_end
if (DRESS =0){
You need to choose an outfit first.
goto dress
@LUNA exits

@overlay LEFTARROW opacity 1 in 0 @goldflower

I’m having trouble with adding my overlay into the scene, here’s what I have:

@transition fade out black in 3
EXT. MOUNTAIN ROAD - DAY with INT. COMPACT CAR BACKSEAT BLACK - DAY to 1.000 276 -143 in zone 1 at layer -3 with CAR INTERIOR FRONT SEATS to 1.000 243 -101 in zone 1 at layer 2
@cut to zone 2
&MICHAEL spot 1.486 133 -222 in zone 2 AND MICHAEL faces left AND MICHAEL moves to layer 3 AND THEA spot 1.251 217 -191 in zone 3 AND THEA faces right AND THEA moves to layer 3
@overlay MAGICORANGEANDREDSWIRL scales to 1.0 1.0
@overlay MAGICORANGEANDREDSWIRL shifts to 196 78
@overlay MAGICORANGEANDREDSWIRL opacity 0 in 0

    MICHAEL (talk_neutral)

@MICHAEL is raisehand_neutral

&overlay MAGICORANGEANDREDSWIRL opacity 1 in 0

@pause for a beat
@MICHAEL is dustoff_neutral_loop
@MICHAEL faces right

After the opacity is changed the second time, the magic is going to float up and out of sight, but I can’t even spot the spell as it doesn’t show up at all (the number’s I’ve added are just temporary ones that I plucked out of the ether).

You cut to zone 2 so you also need to shift the overlay to zone 2 (otherwise it defaults to zone 1)

@overlay MAGICORANGEANDREDSWIRL shifts to 196 78 in zone 2

Thank you, but that’s not what I mean, the overlay itself will not show up, even in its invisible form, all I get when I click spot overlay is the 2 car overlays already there.

Just tested your coding and the overlay is showing up in my script. Try replacing that overlay with a different overlay name and see if that overlay shows up.

Okay, thanks.

I just got round to changing the name of the overlay and its still not working, it says that the overlay does not exist, it will not even let me preview on the portal and it still doesn’t show up on the app when I try to edit from there.

Can anybody help me I don’t know how to make a overlay even though how much I try

Can someone explain to me what the ‘create’ command does

you can make them on ibispaintx! i can help you if you want

It adds the overlay to the scene

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oh its just a substitute instead of adding the overlay name in the same line as the background? if that makes sense

Hello @Dara.Amarie Dara,

I’m having some trouble creating text overlays and I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. I have already followed Dara’s tutorial. I change the colour of text effect but no show up.

Screenshot 2020-10-13 at 21.18.26

Please do help me if you know how to fix this issue! Attached below is my script so y’all can see what I’ve done wrongly in the commanding.

I changed the c:yellow and o:white but its not show up with the colour than normal black.


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