~* Placing Background Characters HELP!*~

**I need help by placing characters in my background something like this. * *

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*38%20PM *
*These are screenshots… *

*Please respond to this if you can help me by typing in the codes. *

Thank you!

What particularly do you need help with, layering them or knowing the script template is for creating background characters. Would you mind explaining more.

  • *first of all Thank you for responding. *

*I need help with the characters in the background.

sure and layering or adding characters.


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So if they are going to be behind the MC or important characters, their layering number needs to be less. For example if MC is layer 2 then they are layer 1, if you have a large group then for them all to fit on the screen you would layer some of them lower, so some would be 0. Here is the code.

@BGC1 moves to layer 1
@BGC2 moves to layer 1
@BGC3 moves to layer 0
@BGC4 moves to layer 0

BGC stands for Background character, or whatever you have named them. Don’t forget the to shift them so they are spotted in a direction that their faces can still be seen.

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Thank you Katie36.

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I thought you were the author of bite.

No i just took screenshots!

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But her Instagram is episode.blair I love her stories especially clouds

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