Placing character in layer

In this scene my character is between the ocean and a piece of metal debris. I want her in front of the debris so it can look like she’s just looking out at the sea. I don’t want the debris to be visible at all. Please help?

@speechbubble reset
@LEXIE changes into Lexie casual 3
@LEXIE spot 1.676 70 -273 AND LEXIE faces left AND LEXIE is idle_rear
&LEXIE moves to layer 2

You’d have to make the debris into a png, since the background is combined as one.

What is that and how do I do it?

You have to use an editing software, and a png is just a transparent image AKA overlay. A well known editing software is adobe photoshop (costs money). I don’t know any that are free, but you can search on the forums for overlay request threads and ask them to make the debris transparent for you. After you make the debris into an overlay upload it and you can use it in your story.