Placing character

Hello I need help ! How can I code that character will enter from left or right to concrect spot and not just left, center or right ?

@Character enters from left/right to spot (where the spot code goes)

you need to spotdirect him

First spot him ofscreen on the left side and than walk him to desired sport with command:

@CHAR walks to spot # # # in zone # in #

And how to do it like she enters in zone 1 and then walks to zone 2 with 2 to concrete spot ? Bcs when I put @CHAR enters from … it works but when I add in zone 2 It’s not working.

see above :point_up_2:

I am gonna try. Thx :slight_smile:

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Thanks ! It’s working ! Finally… I tried to code it like for hour !

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its normal when you ware using simple directing and are new to spot directing it aways is bit confuzing - in general do not mix command for simple directing with sport directing - it usually doesnt do what you want. :crazy_face:

Once you learned spotdirecting I am sure you will use in time practicly only this. :slight_smile:

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