Placing characters in a classroom


Hello. I’m having trouble figuring out how to place 8 people in a classroom. its one of those classroom front ol-day i’ve seen people on episode have that. But idk how to. i tried to do the scale and what not. but it doesn’t seem to go where i want. any one have example script of the room? I’ll give you credit for my story whenever it gets there :slight_smile: i just need help on that. if possible. Thank you!



do you want them to be in different zones?


yes that’d be fine too. I already have two character already in zone 2 which was easy but i dont know how to put the rest in the back and few in the front.


if that makes sense


if you want them to be sitting in the chais, you will need overlays


i would need an overlay? but isn’t the classroom already an overlay? can you possibly give me an example? or a script?


I’ll pm you


thank you!


What is the room called?