Placing characters in the background


does anyone know how to place more than one character in the background behind the desk sitting?


you would need to layer them & / or use an overlay


Each desk would need to be an overlay for them to be behind the desks


oh. ok


when i try to use @character layer # it doesn’t work


It is:

@character moves to layer #


I use &'s


its @CHAR moves to layer #


is it &character moves to layer #? or is it @character moves to layer #?


It depends. You can do this (its an example)
@CHAR walks to spot 1.280 290 116 and CHAR moves to layer 2
@CHAR moves to layer -2
@CHAR walks to spot x y z at layer #


i just want more characters sitting in the other chairs. how would i do that?


You have to make those desks into overlays. Right now they’re just part of the background.


do i have to use a different background to that? or just add the name of the overlay to the existing background?


You’d have to turn them into/create your own overlay


so does that mean i have change the background im using and add the my own desk overlay?


No just add the created overlays to that background.


it gave me an error


“with” needs to be all lower case


still got an error it says that background doesn’t exist


did you actually create the overlay for the desk? because episode doesn’t create one for you, you have to create it yourself