Placing characters

Hi guys,
I’ve a problem (or is is I’ve got a problem?)
Well you see the guy in the black jacket is standing before the nerd guy and girl with glasses.
I want him to stay in the background, but I placed him with spot directing. So, my question is:
how can I place him behind the nerdo’s?
Thank youu in advance xx

Well you need layers to do this

You can do something like this

@CHARACTER1 moves to layer 3
@CHARACTER2 moves to layer 2
@CHARACTER3 moves to layer 1

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Like @Davidcrvz said.

You could also when describing the placement line instead say…
@character spot # # # in zone # at layer #

Note you can change the number signs with the actual coordinates and etc. :smiley:

Good Luck!

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Thank you for help David and KCPopcore!
I tried and it worked!
Thanksssss xoxo