Placing LIMB overlays

Hi how do I place limb overlays to cover my character’s original limbs? help needed URGENTLY

Move the overlay to a layer higher than the character’s one


@overlay OVERLAYNAME to layer 2
@CHARACTER moves to layer 1


hi so I have limb overlays but I don’t know how to cover my character’s original limbs with them when I make her kiss another character?

in general your overlay limb will not cover entierly your character limbc unless it is in the same position (but then making limb overlay would not make sence)

Because of this it is usualy solved so that you use zoom so you simply do not see on screen the original limb.

How do I zoom on my limb overlay? Is it any different than regular zooming?

no there is no difference you just have to play with the zoom till it looks natural

Thank you… I’ll try it

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