Placing overlays, and animations

Hello! I have a few questions. It would be so appreciated if you could stop by :slight_smile:

  1. Is it possible for a character to do something (ex. dustoff_neutral) without saying anything? When I try to do that, Episode says that it’s not possible.
  2. Why doesn’t my overlay appear on the screen (in the middle of the scene) when I write:
    @overlay OVERLAY_NAME create
    @overlay OVERLAY_NAME opacity 1 in 0
    and also how do I make it that the overlay Will appear at a spacific spot in a specific size?

Thank you in advance!
Crystal x

For the first one, yes!
@CHARACTER is animation
@CHARACTER starts animation

For the second one, do this instead of @overlay OVERLAY_NAME create:
(this is an example)


Then go to spot directing on the directing helpers and click on “change overlay” then resize the overlay how you want. There’s a box under the preview thingy where they’re something like: @overlay OVERLAY_NAME shifts to -387 -164 etc… you copy that and paste it in your script!

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Try this:
@character is dustoff_neutral

thank you so much!

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thank you a lot!

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For this part, you have to use &overlay overlay_name shifts to 46 -85 in zone 3 and overlay overlay_name scales to 0.784 0.784
You will find the coordinates and scales in the box below the preview and it will appear when you will click on that specific overlay. I know it sounds confusing. You will be more clear when you watch a tutorial related to placing overlays.

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Maybe it’s in the wrong zone?

Use the spot helper in the web or mobile previewer

thank you, it’s my first time using overlays hahah

thank you!

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Have you checked out Joseph Evans videos on YouTube?

whoops nope, Will do!

I will suggest you to watch any tutorial regarding overlays. And try to explore Spot Directing on the preview. I hope you will understand. By default, overlays appear on the screen in the exact place where we put it while uploading the overlay. So we have to change its position by shifting it to our desired place.

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He has a lot of helpful videos and just take your time and just follow along with it as you’re writing your script.

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You can learn more about placing and using overlays here

I watched one tutorial and he did the same as me
@overlay OVERLAY_NAME create
@overlay OVERLAY_NAME opacity 1
and for me it didn’t even show up lol. I checked on all zones but it was nowhere to be found? i’m actually confused haha

Is it nowhere on the screen? And can you move it through spot directing?

wait I figured it out, sorry for bothering you

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That’s good, You should visit @Dara.Amarie 's website. Her website is really helpful.

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Thank you! That helped A LOT.

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